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Carbon-neutral business waste recycling and secure shredding solutions for your business.

Recycling-led to avoid landfill, highly competitive prices, and 60 years established make our family business the right choice to reduce your own impact on the environment, protect your business’ data and improve your bottom line.

Our Waste Services

How We Can Help Your Business

Bagnall and Morris recycling

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

We are ISO 14001 accredited and help all our customers recycle more and reduce negative impact on the environment
B&M complaint

Make You More Compliant

We take the stress out of waste management by ensuring total compliance in all aspects of waste recycling and disposal
B&M carbon neutral

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By recycling more and avoiding landfil, we help you reduce your business' Carbon Footprint
B&M customer service

Excellent Service

With 60 years experience, we pride ourselves on putting the customer first, and this is proven in our award winning service